Alex J.
I'm so grateful that I found the best doctor that really cares. He is super knowledgeable on all health topics and I love that he tries natural remedies before pharmaceutical intervention. Beyond how great the doctor is, his staff is amazing and very attentive. I can't say enough praise for this office in general.
Annette M.
I am new to this Dr. A friend referred me because I'm having autoimmune issues. But he asked questions none of the other Dr's did. He took his time to explain things to me. I feel very confident he will help me where others have not.
Narbe B.
Dr. Melikyan is extremely thorough, well-educated, super professional, caring, and helpful. I recommend Dr. Melikyan as often as I can! He is a wonderful individual that will listen to your needs and provide a full assessment to come up with a clear plan for you. I decided to see Dr. Melikyan when I was experiencing a lot of highs and lows in my health - battling fatigue, migraines, allergies, and fatty liver. I'm an active person but there was clearly something deeper going on with my body, and I wanted a doctor that would hear me out and assist me. Dr. Melikyan was able to help me fight off these illnesses and help me build a stronger immune system. My experiences with him have always been uplifting with a optimistic plan that always results in progress. Start with a consultation with him....you will definitely be impressed and welcomed with such care. The staff are awesome too. Everyone is super friendly and efficient. I have made two last minute appointments in the last couple of months, where they squeezed me in within the next hour! I have never waited more than 5 minutes in their waiting room. I highly recommend Innergy Integrative Medicine!
Ronnie Belle
Cant say enough what a wonderful place this is, very friendly staff and helped me recover from my intense workouts, thanks doc. No more traditional doctors for me
Julia Borges
Friendly staff. Doctor is very knowledgeable - helped me with something I've been struggling with for years - I saw so many traditional doctors and they just wanted to put me on prescription drugs with undesirable side effects. After about three months of treatment here, I feel so much better - a way I haven't felt in years. Would highly recommend if you are looking to remedy something in a more natural way.
Dr Melikyans office is a pleasure to visit. He’s very patient and thorough. And the staff are really pleasant. The office is beautiful and refreshing! I’m usually seen promptly and it never feels like a typical office visit like other doctor visits.
Harbik Abrahimian
The Immunity IV really kicked in quickly and boosted my recovery from a nasty cold. It worked wonders for me! Thanks!
meghmik a
I needed to recover from my new workout routine. So I visited Innergy Integrative Medicine to get the "Innergy Starter" IV to boost my vitamins and minerals. It really helped me to jumpstart my recover and gave me back the energy I needed to adapt to my new workout routine.
Hamlik A
If you are looking for a doctor who you can trust and communicate with easily... don't look any further. Dr. Melikyan truly cares for his patients and spends hours analysing and diagnosing the root cause of their illness. I walked in his office with seasonal allergies, something that I've been struggling with for as long as I can remember, and walked out with a natural remedy that started working immediately. In my case, there was no waiting or going to the pharmacy to get my medicine... he prepared everything I needed in his office and I was able to get back to work quickly...
Var Tan
Dr. V is great, knowledgeable and really cares for his patients. I highly recommend him and will definitely refer my family and friends to his practice.